Wine Farm Cottages

Our self-catering wine farm cottages let you escape from city life to indulge in the luxury of nature’s beauty and splendour.

Discover a haven of stillness and quiet bird “noise”. With no television, cellphone signal, electricity (and abundance of hot water) you’re guaranteed a country treat to want to come back to! No need for iPad’s Starwalk – our farm presents the real thing. All you need to do is lie back, relax and look skywards.

Relax; make time for yourself and the family. Enjoy long, but easy, mountain walks. Meander through the vineyards. Smell the fynbos. Here look and listen takes on a whole new meaning, enjoy the sound of birdlife – nature’s own musicians.

Read, cook, braai, eat, snooze and enjoy premium wines grown around you.

A weekend on our farm is all you need to recharge to go back to tackle the joys of city living. Children and mother-in-law are welcome…

A quick and easy drive, 20 km east of Stanford, lies a wine farm offering an abundant, yet unique, combination of magnificent mountains, pristine fynbos and clear mountain streams and beautifully cared for vineyards.

Pack you mountain bikes - we have trails perfect for the whole family.

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Ida Bester
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t: +27283410816 or +27283410897
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High season: minimum two nights stay.

34˚ 27’ 16” S, 19˚ 39’ 14” E