Hermanuspietersfontein Wine Club

How to keep your cellar stocked?


By joining our Wine Club your favourite Wines of Origin Sondagskloof will be but an arm’s length away. As a last minute gift or ‘which wine’ to take to a braai or dinner with friends – Posmeester, Swartskaap, Kaalvoet Meisie and Bloos will be there for the rescue … The ‘lekkerste’ thing about being a member? Receiving wines exclusively made and available only to our member base. You don’t have to change your name to Jones to be the envy of the neigbhourhood.  To join now, simply click here and download the bumf.


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Wine Club Favourites

Bordeaux-style rosé showing abundance of fresh fruit, finesse and layered complexity

Bordeaux-style blend. A balance of dark fruit and fynbos. Intense palate; bold structure.

Driven by freshness, European minerality, nuances of fynbos, spice and green apple

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